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Call for Papers: Reinventing Mobilities and Borders: Cross-disciplinary Conversations

November 8–9, 2018, Karelian Institute, UEF, Joensuu campus

Organizers: Driss Habti and Tuulikki Kurki, Karelian Institute, UEF driss.habti@uef.fi, tuulikki.kurki@uef.fi

We are pleased to announce Reinventing Mobilities and Borders: Cross-disciplinary Conversations seminar held at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and organized by the Karelian Institute. The seminar welcomes scholars from the social sciences and humanities working in Mobilities and Borders research. Here is a link to a wider description of the event: CfP: Reinventing Mobilities and Borders (pdf) (476.6 KB)

The purpose of the seminar is to provide a forum for interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and expertise between a wide range of disciplines and researchers studying the issues that are broadly related to traditional as well as new emerging areas of mobilities and borders research. The seminar aims to promote discussion to forge a collective path forward for multidisciplinary research and scholarship and address new research questions and current local and global concerns. Moreover, the seminar seeks to address theoretical, empirical, political, and ethical questions in relation to mobilities and borders that are mutually constitutive but appear uneven, complex, and precarious in the twenty-first century. The seminar discusses the following themes: how mobilities/immobility, borders and bordering, and border-crossings as multi-level practices are shaped and reshaped by various structures and drivers in addition to global flows of people, products, and technologies. In addition, the seminar discusses the experiences of mobilities/immobility and borders and bordering that are enlivened and revived in memory, imaginaries and literary works resulting in either experiences of empowerment or various forms of inequality. Through mobilisation of different means such as various forms of capitals and new technologies, moving people, often with family members, hope to reach individual or collective goals and aspirations, or regain the momentum of dignified self-realisation and/or preferred way of life.

We call for research papers that critically study current questions in the fields of mobilities and border studies in various intersecting domains. These domains could include for example (a) individuals’ life-worlds, personal experiences and strategies, (b) institutional structures, policies (local, national and beyond), legal frameworks and humanitarian work, (c) media and public discourses, and (d) academic engagement and intervention.

Please, submit your research abstract of maximum 200 words to the organizer of the workshop you wish to participate in. The deadline for the research abstracts is September 30, 2018. Unfortunately, the selected participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses.

The seminar is supported by VERA Centre for Russian and Border Studies and the research project Traumatized Borders: Reviving Subversive Narrative of B/Order and Other, funded by the Academy of Finland, in the University of Eastern Finland.

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