How to monitor EU actions for migrant integration

Dear all,

I would like to draw your attention to the most recent update of the EWSI website (the European Website on Integration), which is an initiative of the European Commission to provide policy makers, practitioners, and other stakeholders working on migrant integration with a tool for the exchange of information and good practice.

In June 2016, the European Commission launched the Action Plan for the Integration of Third Country Nationals. One year later, the EWSI is releasing an online tool to monitor the progress of its implementation.

Designed as a dashboard, it provides at a glance an overview of all actions. It also allows the users to engage with every single entry and find out more about the output itself or the goal it serves. Each action is categorised by theme, type, and progress status.

You can find more information  on the EWSI website:


Best regards,

Johanna Leinonen

(Finland's Country Coordinator for EWSI)

Palaa otsikoihin