European Migration Network V National Seminar

Immigration of International Students

19th October 2012

Eurooppasali, Malminkatu 16, Helsinki






11.00 -12.00                   Registration and lunch


12.00 -12.15                   Opening remarks (EMN NCP)


Session I


12.15-13.00                    Key note: Dr.Terri Kim: Transnational Academic Mobility, Internationalisation

                                   and Interculturisation in Higher Education


13.00-13.30                    Commentators: David Hoffman (Jyväskylä University) and Fred Dervin (Helsinki University)


13.30-13.45                    Discussion



13.45-14.15                  Coffee break


Session II


14.15-14.45                    Berit Kiuru: Immigration of International Students from Finland’s point of view


14.45-15.15                    Arja Majakulma andYuzhuo Cai /Valoa project: Employability of International

                                   Graduates Educated in Finnish Higher Education Institutions


15.15-15.45                    Kaisu-Maria Piiroinen: The view of the Ministry for Education and Culture

                                   Ruslan Haarala: International Students from the Perspective of the city of Helsinki


15.45-16.00                    Discussion


Session I of the seminar is in English and Session II in Finnish. Translation is provided from Finnish to English.


Dr. Terri Kim: Brunel University, Great Britain. Dr. Terri Kim has performed research on international academic mobility and served as a consultant for UNESCO and OECD. She is an internationally acknowledged expert on education and international mobility. Further information regarding her research and publications can be found from:


Prof. Fred Dervin: Helsinki University. Fred Dervin is Professor of Multicultural Education at the University of Helsinki (Finland). He specializes in language and intercultural education, the sociology of multiculturalism and linguistics for intercultural communication and education. Dervin has published extensively on identity, the ‘intercultural’ and mobility/migration. Further information: 


David Hoffman, Senior Researcher, Ph.D: University of Jyväskylä. David Hoffman is a researcher at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research at the University of Jyväskylä. His research interests include Academic Mobility Patterns; Competitive Horizons in Higher Education; International Migration and Ethnic Relations; Intercultural Communication; Strategic Higher Education Internationalization Policy; Knowledge Society Discourses; Policy Analysis; Mixed-Methods & Qualitative Research Methodology. Further information:


Berit Kiuru, Senior Adviser, European Migration Network, Finnish Immigration Service. Berit Kiuru has drafted the Finnish national report for the EMN Thematic study on the Immigration of International Students. Her broad work experience in the migration administration and interviews with other experts has enabled her to gain an in-depth insight in the issue.  


Arja Majakulma, Director of International Activities, Laurea University of Applied Sciences. Arja Majakulma has performed research on international students, who have graduated in Finland, and their entry in to the Finnish labour market. She presents her findings together with Yuzhuo Cai from the Valoa-project.

The aim of the Valoa-project has been to further the employment of international students in Finland. Yuzhuo Cai presents the findings of a study conducted in conjunction with the project on how international students have been employed in Finland. Further information on the Valoa-project: 

Kaisu-Maria Piiroinen: Senior adviser, Ministry for Education and Culture

Ruslan Haarala: Planning officer, Human Resources Centre, Immigration Division, City of Helsinki