Parts I and II - Reception of Vulnerable Applicants for International Protection with Special Reception Needs

Climate change and migration

Skype in legal migration cases

Ad hoc -query on Facilitations and/or restrictions for entry of TCNs from specific regions/countries

Ad hoc -query on Use of Cloud Services for Processing Personal Data in Immigration Cases

Ad hoc -query on Service design/innovation/design thinking best practices within immigration services in Europe

Ad hoc -query on Entering of alerts in SIS for reasons of public order (article 24, §§ 1 and 2 of SIS II Regulation)

Ad hoc -query on Extradition of the TCN who is beneficiary of international protection in other Member State

Ad hoc -query on Family Members of Long-Term Residents

Ad hoc -query on Information Campaigns through Social Media Channels

Ad hoc -query on Access to Healthcare

Ad hoc -query on Migrant profiles

Ad hoc -query on Cooperation regarding Document Verification Officers

Ad hoc -query on Legal assistance in detention facility

Ad hoc -query on Providing security to the civil staff, working in the Detention Centre

Ad hoc -query on the Creation of a repository of long-term visas, residence permits and cards

Ad hoc -query on the Terms and exceptions for naturalization

Ad hoc -queryon Decision making authority regarding naturalization

Ad hoc -query on Arrival transit reception centres

Ad hoc -query on Statistics of minors held in facilities used for asylum or immigration detention on the 15th November  2016 and on the 1st December 2016

Ad hoc -query on Migration information and awareness raising campaigns in countries of origin and transit

Ad hoc -query on Support networks for newly arrived migrants

Ad hoc -query on advisory/consultative bodies on migration issues

Ad hoc -query on Statistical tools, organisational needs and best practices regarding statistics

Ad hoc -query on the use of biometrics to reveal false identity

Ad hoc -query on the Iraqi Kurdish population in Europe

Ad hoc -query on establishment of identity in conjunction with naturalisation

Ad hoc -query on naturalisation

Ad hoc -query on the ratification of ILO Domestic Workers Convention concerning irregular migrant domestic workers

Ad hoc -query on skills surcharges

Ad hoc -query on recognition of stateless persons

Ad hoc -query on Implementation of AMIF partnership principle

Ad hoc -query on Framing Migration in the Media

Ad hoc -query on Research Conducted on Migrant Population's Perception of Safety and Trust in Authorities

Ad hoc -query on Registering Entry Bans in the SIS

Ad hoc -query on Detention and Removal of Minors

Ad hoc -query on the Ministry or Ministries Responsible for Citizenship, Legal Migration and International Protection

Ad hoc -query on Revocation of Citizenship on the Basis of Voluntary Military Service in a Foreign Country

Ad hoc -query on Violation of Rules in Reception Centres/Asylum Facilities

Ad hoc -query on Revoking Citizenship on Account of Involvement in Acts of Terrorism or other Serious Crimes

Ad hoc -query on EURODAC Fingerprinting

Ad hoc -query on Strategic Plan for Migrations

Ad hoc -query on EC SOLID Funds and Evaluation

Ad hoc -query on Pre-Departure Campaigns to Attract Third-Country Nationals

Ad hoc -query on State Organisations Representing Migrants' Rights

Ad hoc query on Effective Appeals Against Entry Refusal Decisions (Borders)

Ad hoc -query on Issues Related to Care Orders

Ad hoc -query on Fingerprint Biometry and Facial Image in Identity Documents

Ad hoc -query on Admission/Residence and Guardianship Related Provisions for Unaccompanied Foreign and/or EU Minors in Vulnerable Situations

Ad hoc -query on the Regime of Movement in Reception and Transit Centres

Ad hoc -query on Control and Verification of Biometric Data Stocked in Biometric Documents

Ad hoc -query on Biometric Data Devices

Ad hoc -query on Access to Detention Centres

Ad hoc -query on Planning and Management for the Reception of International Protection Seekers

Ad hoc -query on Registration of Visitors in Establishments Providing Accommodation

Ad hoc -query on Legal Assistance in Detention Centres

Ad hoc -query on Religious Freedom for Third-Country Nationals

Ad hoc -query on the Use of Eurostat Figures in National Publications

Ad hoc -query on Registration at Accommodation Establishments

Ad hoc -query on Medical Services for Persons with International Protection

Ad hoc -query on Maximum Deadlines for Keeping Data in IT Databases

Ad hoc -query on Scientific Research on Costs and Benefits of Migration and Integration

Ad hoc -query on Appropriate Action in Case of Sudden Increase in the Inflow of Migrants to the EU Member States

Ad hoc -query on Tuberculosis Screening of Foreigners

Ad hoc query on Research on Migration, Asylum and Integration

Ad hoc -query on Information Campaigns

Ad hoc -query on Consequences of the Zambrano Case (C-34/09)

Ad hoc -query on Scientific Council

Ad hoc -query on Blank Passports

Ad-Hoc -query on National Offices Dealing in a Complex Manner with Asylum, Citizenship, Residence and Integration of Foreigners

Ad-Hoc Query on National Crime Prevention Projects

Ad-Hoc Query on Acquisition of Nationality

Ad hoc -query on electronic handling of applications and files

Ad hoc -query on national contact points responsible for local border traffic

Ad hoc -query on Migration Partnerships

Ad hoc -query on Migration and Asylum Structure (answers only requested by Finland and Poland)

Ad hoc -query on Immigration and Media

Ad hoc -query on the Development of a National Network

Ad-Hoc Query on consulting body on migration and asylum

Ad Hoc Query on Border Control

Ad hoc -Query on the Needs of Accelerated Border Procedures at the Aiports