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ETMUDAYS-conference 22th-23th of October 2015: Registration open and Call for papers deadline approaching!

Mobile Roots – Rethinking Indigenous and Transnational ties


12th International ETMU Days conference 22–23.10.2015, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland


Mobility across borders is an everyday feature of life for many people across the globe. For some mobility is caused by changes in political power structures or armed conflicts, increasingly also by environmental changes due to climate change. For others mobility is a privilege that enables movement across and towards other cultures and places. For indigenous peoples mobility has often signified movement following one’s herd and the yearly lifecycle. A mobile lifestyle has enabled nature-based ways of subsistence and produced different cultural practices and influenced the very essence of culture itself. In many cases the traditional ways of movement have changed and even largely ceased to exist due to colonisation and modernisation, thus forcing and enabling cultural change and new kinds of ties. Our current way of life makes it possible on the one hand to maintain cultural ties across virtual and physical borders or to permanently sever all ties to one’s place of origin on the other.


The aim of the 12th Annual ETMU Days is to revisit the meaning of ties that are related to mobility, rootedness and crossing borders. How are ties that are typical for the age of migration forged? And what kinds of meanings do these ties embody in different cultures and contexts of belonging? Is it possible to maintain one’s roots or put down roots in new places despite being mobile? How are roots used as means of justification and exclusion in different situations? Do migrants put down roots in their countries of residence, maintain roots transnationally or try to balance both? Belonging to a certain place has often been important for indigenous peoples despite the old traditions of leading a nomadic life. How can roots and local histories be rethought outside the frames of external domination and colonialism? Can indigeneity exist without ties of belonging to a place? And what kinds of ties are forged and severed when movement across borders is not voluntary?


The 2015 ETMU Days brings together researchers from the fields of indigenous studies and ethnicity and migration and creates an arena for a fruitful interdisciplinary dialogue. The main language of the conference is English, but working groups may also be arranged in Finnish.


List of workshops:


1.      Indigenous peoples' self-determination over their culture and cultural heritage including sacred sites: challenges and best practices

2.      Refugee Journeys – Conceptual and methodological discussions

3.      Uprooted by Neoliberal Development: Forced Migration and Displacement in the Global South/North

4.      Workshop on legal concepts and social realities

5.      Moving memories: Oral histories about people’s movements across social, temporal, spatial and ideological borders

6.      Place and Continuity: Reflections on Sámi Cultural Persistence after Postmodern Era

7.      Puolueet ja painostusryhmät muotoilemassa siirtolaisuus- ja vähemmistöpolitiikkaa / Parties and pressure groups formulating migration and minority politics

8.      Challenging Indigenous Governance

9.      Diversity and welfare state services: Classifications, ambiguities and practices

10.     Education, Diversity, Globalization and Ethics

11.     Domesticating Global Orders? Constructing Minority Identities in Multicultural Spaces

12.     Kriittinen muuttoliikkeiden ja etnisten suhteiden tutkimus – keitä olemme ja minne menemme?

13.     Kuulumisen kulttuurisuus – kulttuurituotteiden affektiivisuus ja materiaalisuus  / The cultural aspects of belonging: affectivity and materiality of cultural products

14.     Migrants' transnational activities and agency: Implications, Opportunities and Challenges

15.     Everyday bordering: coping strategies of ‘irregular’ migrants

16.     Privileged and voluntary mobilities

17.     Challenging the mainstream representations of ethnicity in media and arts

18.     Transnational Migrant Families: Studying ‘Wellbeing’



Call for papers is open until MAY 31stst 2015!


Submit a paper proposal at http://etmudays.etmu.fi


See the website also for information on how to register to the conference.



The Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU): www.etmu.fi  & University of Lapland: www.ulapland.fi


Contact: Dr. Sanna Valkonen, Associate Professor of Sámi research, sanna.valkonen@ulapland.fi, +358-40-484 4238 & Dr. Saara Koikkalainen, Post-doc researcher, saara.koikkalainen@ulapland.fi, +358-40-484 4236

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