What does the EMN do?


Firstly, the EMN responds to information needs through specific reports, studies and Ad Hoc -Queries. The main products of the EMN are annual reports on the development of immigration policy, annual reports on asylum and migration statistics, and various thematic reviews. In addition, the National Contact Points may ask each other questions. The answers are then compiled into an information package to provide a summary.


Secondly, the EMN collects and documents information in a comparative manner. The annual reports, reviews and studies are publicly available in English via the international EMN website at http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/home-affairs/what-we-do/networks/european_migration_network/index_en.htm  Reports, reviews and studies may also be issued in a printed form. The reports by the Finnish National Contact Point are also published in Finnish.


Thirdly, the EMN works to establish a multi-level network to support its activities. To complement the pan-European network, each country will create their own national network, whose members consist of immigration-related government bodies, research institutions and civic organisations. Members of a national network may participate in studies, reports and queries. Concurrently the members obtain information on immigration research in other European countries, as well as visibility to their own research activities.