EMN paluuasioiden asiantuntijaryhmän (REG) tuottamat EMN REG Informit



EMN REG Inform West Africa

EMN REG Inform - Challenges and good pratices in the return and reintegration of irregular migrants to West Africa - 2015

The aims of this EMN REG Inform are to consider the impact of assisted voluntary return (AVR) and reintegration programmes on return and reintegration to countries in Western Africa; to describe how Member States adjust their programmes to support return to this region; and to identify challenges and good practices in return/reintegration to Western Africa.






EMN REG Inform Return to AFG PAK

EMN REG Inform - Practical approaches and good practices in return and reintegration to Afghanistan and Pakistan - 2015

The aims of this EMN REG Inform are to examine practical approaches and map good practices in return and reintegration to Afghanistan and Pakistan, as they are amongst the top 5 countries of origin of third-country nationals (TCNs) subject to a return decision´in the EU.






EMN REG Inform Incentives to Return

EMN REG Inform - Overview: Incentives to return to a third-country and support provided to migrants for their reintegration - 2014

This EMN Inform presents the results of the review, carried out by the EMN Return Expert Group1 (EMN REG), of 96 programmes implemented by 27 Member States2 to assist migrants to return and to support their reintegration.







EMN REG Inform Recent findings on ReturnEMN REG Inform - A brief overview of recent findings on return - 2013

This EMN Inform provides an overview of current aspects of return principally in EU Schengen Member States and Norway including statistics (see Section 10). Whilst the United Kingdom and Ireland are not Schengen Member States, where relevant, information has been included from these countries in order to provide a more comprehensive overview of the EU Member States. Information has been drawn from EMN sources: EMN Annual Policy Reports 2012, the EU’s 4th Annual Report on Immigration and Asylum 2012, EMN Country Factsheets 2012 plus EMN Ad-Hoc Queries.